Five arrested in connection to string of crimes in Casper

Published: Oct. 25, 2019 at 5:39 PM CDT
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Natrona County law enforcement investigated and arrested multiple people connected to a recent string of dangerous crimes.

On October 23rd, Jason Jennings was arrested, and now we are learning of four other arrests made in connection to the crimes.

32 year old Kristopher Hodgins, 27 year old Keith Crakaal, 22 year old Megann Holzer, and 24 year old Danielle Rickert were arrested yesterday.

Over the course of four days, many agencies worked together to investigate this case.

The crimes consist of eighteen auto burglaries, six stolen vehicles, one robbery, multiple unauthorized credit card uses, seven stolen loaded guns, Illegal drugs, and aggravated burglaries.

Casper police are urging gun owners to take inventory of their fire arms, and for all residents to lock their car doors.

Natrona county law enforcement is looking for more information in relation to this active investigation.