Firefighter Union negotiations continue

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) The City is still in the midst of labor negotiations with the Firefighters Union and while city government was closed due to the blizzard, that didn’t stop another night of negotiations.

Firefighter battling a wildfire, Photo Date: 8/2/2018 / Photo: CAL FIRE / (MGN)

“We have to either come to an agreement within that 30 day window or the discussion moves to arbitration,” said Dicky Shanor, City Council, Ward II.

Years ago the process was contained to a small group of people but due to a Supreme Court decision, a quorum of the governing body has to be present at all negotiations. While both parties have offered counteroffers, they are still working towards agreements. Some of the issues the firefighters have discussed are Kelly Days, wage increases, additions to uniforms, and vacation time.

Although the City and Firefighters Union met on March 12 before the meeting on March 14, there are still huge looming issues to tackle.

“The big issues we’re going to have to deal with are raises, whether or not this is going to be a two-year contract, and a lot of financial components that really impact the city budget,” said Rocky Case, City Council, Ward III.

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