Family and locally owned delivery service hopes to make its mark in Casper

 Richard Konkler and Kathy Fox in front of one of their delivery vehicles.
Richard Konkler and Kathy Fox in front of one of their delivery vehicles. (KCWY)
Published: Jul. 5, 2020 at 5:18 PM CDT
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"The delivery service is something my brother thought up and it's my understanding the way things worked out is when COVID-19 hit, he wanted something to backup his family if they lost their jobs," said Windy City Delivery's, Ray Konkler.

Ray said that is what ended up happening and Windy City Delivery is helping keep those family members employed. The delivery service is family owned and operated, which has brought them closer.

"It definitely has gotten us more interactive with each other and bringing us closer that way. Trying to build something together is a pretty cool project," said Windy City Delivery Owner, Richard Konkler.

"It has brought the family closer together. I am here at least once a day if not twice and going over things with Rich. So it really does help a lot," said Windy City Delivery Marketing Director, Kathy Fox.

For WCD, being a part of the Casper community, makes it easy to want whats best for it.

"Keeping everything in the community is best for the community," said Fox.

"Local delivery is where it's at. You get more value with it, you get more support from it. We want to continue to push great communication with our customer base and make sure that they understand that we are there for them. We're not just here to deliver something for them but we're here for them in the whole process of it," said Richard.

Richard said local businesses have welcomed Windy City's services and for one, it's also helped sales.

"We were doing deliveries on our own and Windy City had approached us about doing deliveries for us, which would take the pressure off of us, and our business and our personnel. It's helped us quite a bit with our sales and helping them grow since they just started up too," said The Wooden Derrick Cafe Co-Owner, Gabriel Reyes.

Reyes said the partnership will help both companies grow and believes Windy City will fit right in.

You can find Windy City's Facebook here: and can also be reached online at

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