Fall fishing trip with Dad

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) Summer outdoor activities are coming to a close... But there's still time to get out there and fish.

That's what one group of parents did this morning (Sunday)… To find a fun way to spend quality time with their kids.
"This is for all parents, mom's and dad's, who do not get to be with their kids all the time.

We're a foundation, we're here to get together, help kids have both parents equally in their lives.

Kids need to have both parents involved as much as possible, " said Kids Deserve Dads program Founder, Zac Martin.

The Kids Deserve Dads program holds different events throughout the year for Cheyenne residents.Today's event was out in Curt Gowdy state park. Kids and their parents casted their bate... And looked to catch some fish.

Martin also went on to say, "Fishing and being out in the wilderness, is a great way to get together.
Build a bond, build relationships, and have memories and have experiences that meaningful."

Many parents have the same thing in common, Just knowing there are others overcoming the struggles -- but joys -- of co-parenting... Such as fishing

Through this program... Cheyenne residents can gain resources to support one another... To be an equal part of their children's' lives