Evansville Elementary School 'transforms' curriculum Thursday

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EVANSVILLE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Students at Evansville Elementary School were greeted with a surprise Thursday morning. It was a Transformation Day.

Evansville Elementary School students working with magnets as a part of Transformation Day in Evansville, Wyo. on Thursday, Feb, 13, 2020.

The school does two or three per year. Thursday’s topic was science.

“They are total surprises to the students. They don’t know until they walk in that day,” fifth grade teacher Alexa Barney said.

Students rotated to different stations throughout the day.

Stations included great inventions, magnet polarity, painting with magnets, making hypothesis around viscosity, dissecting owl pellets, learning about dinosaurs and the human heart.

They aren’t just learning about science. The kids are grouped together across all grades, kindergarten through fifth grade, and must learn to work with each other.

“That creates such a community and a love of learning schoolwide. So not only are they learning, but we’re building social skills, problem solving skills but we’re also building a family at the same time,” Barney said.

The students also enjoy branching out from their normal classmates.

Fourth-grader Nataleah Fernandez said her favorite parts are meeting new people and handing out with teachers she doesn’t normally spend much time with.

“They love it. It just really sticks with them and they have so much fun,” said kindergarten teacher Lexi Strom. “As an educator, this makes my job enjoyable. I love doing this stuff. It’s so much fun.”

She said she thinks more schools need to have Transformation Days.

Volunteers from the Science Zone and the Tate Geological Museum also taught the kids a little about science Thursday.