Solar energy advocates discuss future of industry

Published: Apr. 18, 2019 at 11:23 AM CDT
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Powder River Basin Resource Council members hosted their annual spring solar celebration Wednesday.

it gave multiple advocacy groups opportunities to teach us about solar.

"this an opportunity to educate folks in the area about small businesses involved in solar installation and also get people excited about the opportunities for growing solar businesses and use in our state." Said Stephanie Kessler, the director of Wyoming Outdoor Council.

"solar is a good alternative to minimize your costs, reduce what you're paying every month for your electric bill, as well as offset it completely. you can go off the grid with it. you can entirely meet your own energy needs." Explained Garret Stover, the VP of Wyoming solar energy association.

They hope to change state law, lifting the current 25-kilowatt cap on net metering so commercial buildings can have access to economical solar power.

"allow that 25-kilowatt cap to be opened up if the utility agrees for a larger amount. so it's very permissive and we think that could help free up some market forces to see growth."

She says while there a numerous reasons people choose solar... one stands out more than others.

"it saves you money. saves your bottom line because of using power from the sun, you don't need to buy as much electricity."

The net metering bill failed in the state Senate this year.

Wednesday's event was also a kick-off for the newly-formed Wyoming Solar Energy Association.