Encore Green is developing a new software to help see less by-product water go to waste

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -- Encore Green is a company working to use by-product water, water found near oil drilling sites and some other industrial operations, in the agricultural industry.

The company has been working with state legislatures and regulatory agencies to work through the processes to regulate using by-product water. This part of the journey is something that Marvin Nash, with Encore Green, said he never really wanted to get into. He said, "You know we just wanted to take some water, clean it up and put it on the ground."

Nash said that even though that aspect of it wasn't on his radar, it has helped to better what the company is doing. While continuing to work with legislators and other agencies, Encore Green is developing a new software. It is going to translate the barrels of by-product water produced to acre inches. This is something Encore Green said could help those in the agriculture industry better understand how it relates to their operations.