Emergency pothole conversation continues

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) Mayor Marian Orr has requested $250,000 to have potholes filled saying that the city is having a difficult time hiring for the street and alley positions as 20 of the available 26 potential jobs are filled. Some council members are concerned with the usage of that money.

“Some of them are kind of having a fit because I didn’t put it before them for their permission,” said Mayor Marian Orr. “Well guess what? When you have a strong-mayor form of government it’s within my authority to make those decisions and get it done.”

Mayor Orr says she called the situation an emergency so the potholes can start getting filled before the weather changes and is asking for three bids.

“I love private and public partnerships so if we can’t do it, guess what there’s probably a construction company out there that can,” said Mayor Orr. “They’ve got a workforce, they know how to do this and so let’s have them do it. We’ll pay them to take care of it.”

A few councilmen have voiced their thoughts and opinions on if the money should be spent and what exactly constitutes as an emergency, especially after seeing potholes filled in the city during the week of Aug. 26.

“I mean there was no preparation, no blowing out the hole, just throwing the asphalt,” said Councilman Mike Luna, Ward III. “That’s really disturbing that we’re paying good money to get our streets repaired and then we’re even calling for an emergency so I don’t want to see the city’s money wasted like that.”

One resident expressed concern about the city code as anything at or above $35,000 requires council approval unless the issue is deemed an emergency.

“I wish you would reconsider this,” said a resident of Ward III. “If you want to do it, then put it out for bid, do it the way it [should] be done. Otherwise just forget the whole damn thing okay?”