2018 Election filing closes, a look at the candidates

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CHEYENNE, Wy.(KGWN)- Friday June 1 was the last day to file paperwork for the 2018 election. Below is a list of just some of the positions and candidates you will see on the primary election ballot.

Primary Election in Wyoming is Tuesday August 21.

County Positions:

M. Lee Hasenauer, Republican – Commissioner
Linda Heath, Republican – Commissioner
Gunner Malm, Republican – Commissioner
Tom Scranton, Republican – Commissioner
Troy Thompson, Republican – Commissioner
Lee R. Filer, Democrat – Commissioner
Boyd O. Wiggam, Republican – Commissioner
Lynn Boak, Democrat – District Attorney
Leigh Anne Grant Manlove, Republican – District Attorney
Rebecca Reid – Coroner
“Marty” Luna – Coroner
Bob Martin – Coroner
Debra Lee – County Clerk
Pam Glick – County Clerk
Kenneth Guille – Assessor
Diana Sanchez – Clerk of District Court
Greg Taylor – Sheriff
Danny Glick – Sheriff
Jess Fresquez – Sheriff
Trudy L. Eisele – Treasurer

State Positions:

U.S. Senator
Anthony Van Risseghem – Republican
Charlie Hardy – Republican
Dave Dodson – Republican
John Barrasso – Republican
John Holtz – Republican
“Rocky De La Fuente – Republican
Gary Trauner – Democrat

U.S. Representative
Black Stanley – Republican
Liz Cheney – Republican
Rod Miller – Republican
Greg Hunter – Democrat
Travis Helm – Democrat

Bill Dahlin – Republican
Foster Friess – Republican
Harriet Hageman – Republican
Mark Gordon – Republican
Sam Galeotos – Republican
Taylor Haynes – Republican
Kenneth Casner – Democrat
Mary Throne – Democrat
Michael Green – Democrat
Rex Wilde – Democrat

Secretary of State
Ed Buchanan – Republican
James Byrd – Democrat

State Superintendent of Public Instruction
Jillian Balow

Odd-Number Districts in our State Senate are available while all districts are on the ballot for the State House of Representatives.

One name that jumps out in that race is Former LCSD#1 Superintendent John Lyttle. He has filed for the House District 7 Seat in Cheyenne.