UPDATE: Phase 2 of Dry Creek Sewer Main Project expected to finish February 2020

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now)- The Cheyenne Board of Utilities continues their sewer project where they’re looking to clean and install a sewer pipe liner 1.3 miles. The project is 1.7 million dollars and looks to advance service reliability, reducing storm and ground water seeping into manholes.

"Our goal is to provide one safe and clean drinking water to the public, and then being able to take sewage away from your home and commercial buildings and treat it and discharge it," construction project coordinator David Cole said.

Most of the project occurs adjacent to the greenway where the access will remain open. Its purpose is to keep unwanted ground water out of the creek and pipes. Sewer rates on monthly bills pay for the project. Essentially wants to filter water without raising people’s sewer bills. Their goal is to rehab 2.5 miles of sewer, per year.

“The only water we want in our pipes is actual sewage and waste water,” Cole said.

Phase one from Seminoe Rd to Powderhouse Rd is lined and substantially complete. Contractors from Insituform are working on changing out rings and covers on a few of the manholes.

Most part, they have started on phase two, which is from Yellowstone to Seminoe Rd. The bypass pumping line is off phase one and into phase two. The contractor is using Mylar park as a staging area.
Cleaners from Guildner Pipeline Maintenance will come in the last week of January and the lining company will be in that first week of February.

This project looks to be completed near the end of February 2020. The board is planning to work on more sewer rehab projects, in spring of 2020. For more information, you can call the board of public utilities at: (307) 637-6460.