Downtown Cheyenne impacted by Big Boy No. 4014 christening

Published: May. 4, 2019 at 5:01 PM CDT
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Downtown Cheyenne was impacted by the departure of Big Boy No. 4014 from the Cheyenne Depot on May 4th, 2019.

The Winter Farmer's Market was displaced because of the events inside the depot. However, business owners were able to set tents up on the Cheyenne Depot Plaza instead. While some owners had regular customers avoid the market because of the traffic, there were still opportunities for business from out-of-town guests.

Owners also were able to experience the train leaving the station. Owner and Operator of High Point Bison, one of the farmer's market vendors, said, " "It was really interesting just to hear the thunder of the train. Just to feel the vibration of it, and of course, the steam and the whistle, that was really awesome."

PB&J's Peanut Butter Owner, Justin Popp, who is also a farmer's market vendor, said, "But then we also had some people in from Connecticut, Rhode Island. It's kind of cool to see that people from different walks of life coming out to see a train take off."

The Tuesday Farmer's Market is starting up on June 18, 2019. For more information, go to

Accomplice Beer Company said it saw an influx of customers. The General Manager, William Cotter, said, "I love Accomplice. I believe in it. So, seeing it do well is just a big win for me. To get to that point to handle those sales means I had to have a great team for it. So, all of the credit goes to them to be able to handle it last night."

The Cheyenne Depot said it saw 10,000 people stop by the gift shop, the Cheyenne Depot Museum and buy tickets for the event to watch Big Boy No. 4014 depart from the Cheyenne Depot.

Kaylan Ferrari, the Event Coordinator for the Cheyenne Depot, said the event went off without a hitch. She also said, "My dad, before he retired from Union Pacific was the conductor on the steam engine so I've grown up around these trains. He was a part of the 150th that did their big run. So, it's really neat, seeing the 4014 out and all of the work that that team has put into it."