Downtown Cheyenne store a victim of a counterfeit transaction

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now)- Just Dandy, which is a store in downtown Cheyenne, was a victim of a counterfeit transaction.

Just Dandy, a store located in downtown Cheyenne, was a victim of a counter-fit transaction.

According to store owner, Virginia Brinkerhoff, a man entered the store and said he was buying a gift for his girlfriend on Wednesday, July 10, around 12:30pm. He was described as white, around his late 20's or early 30's, and was wearing a gray t-shirt with a ball cap. Brinkerhoff then said the man picked up a top worth approximately $29, and brought it to the counter. He then handed the cashier a $100 bill to pay for the item. The cashiers marked the bill with a pen to see if it was real, which it appeared to be according to the owner. When the store took the bill to the bank, it received the status as a counterfeit.

"If you aren't real diligent and looking for the water marks and the special markings they have that you can see infrared, we couldn't detect it," Brinkerhoff said.

The suspect bleached a $10 dollar bill and printed over it, making it look like a $100 bill. Officers recommend that businesses buy counterfeit machines, and that employees slow down their process when receiving payments.

"As soon as you see something that looks suspicious and you see that build that you're not quite sure if it's right, stop, slow down, take a second to look at it," Public information officer Kevin Malatesta said.

Just Dandy bought a counter-fit detector that police recommend. Brinkerhoff encourages other business to buy detectors to help prevent counter-fit transactions.