Douglas increases medical staff during boom

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DOUGLAS, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) The boom is defiantly impacting the operations at Memorial Hospital of Converse County as just the emergency room visits are up 20 percent from this time last year, but officials feel they are handling the work increase.

"overall as a hospital our urgent care volumes are up our clinic volumes are up and so we just uh adapt as we need to." Said Karl Hertz, the Assistant Administrator at Memorial Hospital.

In the past year, the hospital has hired multiple positions to address the needs of the community.

"and thats from nursing to support services to uh all aspects of the hospital."

With small rural communities, finding medical workers to stay tends to be an issue, so Douglas has a program for their ems staff to help home grow workers.

"we're putting on our own EMT classes we're training local people um we're setting up with Casper college where we're able to start doing uh online programming to advance them to higher levels." Said Robert Evenson ambulance supervisor.

Rural medical services are a focus for Senator Barrasso and he wants to make sure Wyoming keeps the small town hospitals up and running.

"Rural America there are real concerns that we have to try to recruit health care providers, keep them in the communities, keep our small hospitals open because we have been fortunate to be able to prevent any hospitals from having to close in Wyoming because with something like that happens it's devastating for a community." Said Barrasso.

For now, Douglas seems to be keeping up with the demand, but senator Barrasso wants to make sure all rural small town communities are getting and retaining the workers they need to take care of the people of Wyoming.