Don’t cross rivers and other ice fishing safety tips

Photo courtesy WGFD

CASPER Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) Wyoming Game and Fish said people start ice fishing in late November or early December and some are still at it now.

One of the tips Janet Milke, Game and Fish regional information specialist, said don’t cross any rivers. The ice could break and the river current could pull people under.

"Even when there's ice on top you do not want to assume they're safe," Milek said.

Also, have another person with you. “It's always nice to have a buddy who can throw a rope to you from the shore," Milek said.
Checking the ice before you go out.

She added that clear ice is safer than cloud ice.
"Make sure you're using a spud bar and make sure you're looking for cracking noises. Make sure it's generally safe you should be able to tell whether or not the ice is moving if the water is fluctuating you'll see the ice crack below the banks. that is not safe," Milek said.

She added in case you do fall in the water, bring extra clothes and a hot beverage.
"If you just go through up to your knees it's often really cold and nice to have a spare set of boots in the truck," Milek said.

There’s a lot to look out for, but a fisheries supervisor said ice fishing is fun. "It's a nice day take the kids out and set up tip-ups and let them catch some fish and drink some hot chocolate and play on the ice," said Matt Hahn.