Do Your Part To Prevent Sewer Backups

CHEYENNE, Wyo The city of Cheyenne would like to remind all citizens to flush only the 3 P's, Pee, Pooh and Toilet Paper. Flushing other items such as cleaning wipes, paper towels, napkins etc. may result in a sewer backup in your home and or your neighbors home.

A statement from the city says, "With the current toilet paper shortage, it might be tempting to flush other paper items out of necessity but stop and put those other items in the trash, not the toilet."

The city adds, "Paper towels, wipes, napkins, tissues, etc. will plug the sewer lines in your home, sewer mains, and pumps that carry sewage away from customers to treatment plants. Even with frequent maintenance, items like wipes, paper towels, napkins, and tissues are causing sewer issues and backups."

They ask all community members to do their part in preventing sewer backups. Emphasizing that only the 3P's pee, pooh and toilet paper should go down the toilet.