Dietitian Promotes ‘Mindfulness Eating’ to Maintain Heart Health

Published: Feb. 7, 2020 at 7:14 PM CST
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Registered dietitian Beth Basham says one of the most important ways to maintain a healthy heart is mindful eating. She mentions the way to use mindful eating is to build relationships with food one consumes.

"Mindfulness is a huge component of really connecting and finding relationships,” Basham said.

In order to maintain a healthy heart, Basham mentioned different ways to approach eating. Some of Basham’s ways to practice mindful eating include:

-Make the effort to savor your food by putting all your focus on food, when you eat. Cut out any outside distractions whether that may be turning off the TV or cell phone. Eat at a slow rate and really take time to allow your taste buds to analyze the taste.

-Read food labels. When buying a food item, read the food label on the back and compare it to another food or brand. Educate yourself on what you’re putting into your body.

-Eat colorful foods such as fruits and vegetables. Keep the food intake at a variety.

-Seek foods that are naturally grown or produced. Basham says those are better for the heart than processed foods.

-Work with a registered dietitian. Different dietitians specialize in different health issues.

"Instead of actually seeing, smelling, and tasting our food and recognizing the really innate foods our body gives us through the eating process, we almost blind ourselves to those natural cues because we're mindlessly eating," Basham said.

Basham teaches a course called 'Peace with Food & Soul' and is looking to bring the course online. The course aims to assist women by using mindfulness when eating.

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