Deployment from Wyoming Army National Guard today

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) Today 29 men and women from the Wyoming Army National Guard deployed to the Middle East with 3 UH-60 medevac units for the next nine months. Yesterday a farewell event took place at the Joint Forces Readiness Center and was attended by military members and their families, people from the community, and Gov. Mead.

Many that deployed felt an outpouring of support for not just them, but for their families they are leaving behind as they begin their missions during the send off ceremony.

“To know that my wife and kids, if they need something, they have the resources there to help them,” said Sgt. Dominick Dilullo. “That makes me able to focus on my mission overseas, I’m able to do the best work I can overseas to help those that need it.”

The job once the soldiers reach their destination is to be positioned forward on the battlefield so if they are close to an injured person, they can rapidly fly the wounded individual to medical care.

“Really proud of these men and women who volunteer to serve and their families who allow them to serve because it’s a package deal and then we send them out to go do our nation’s bidding,” said Maj. Gen. Luke Reiner.