Day seven of a trial against a Cheyenne mother

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Cheyenne, WYO. (KGWN) - Did a Cheyenne mother kill her one-year-old baby, or was it an accident? Our community has been asking this question during the trial against Sabrina Sawicki.

In court, the defense called Doctor Dragovic from Michigan to the stand. He is a forensic pathologist who defense attorneys hire in the hope that he can help their cases.

The doctor studied the autopsy materials prior to testifying. The autopsy indicated that the cause of death was, "Abusive closed head injuries."

Doctor Dragovic says, "Performing an autopsy is an instrument." In his opinion, it's not the whole story. He is not certain shaken baby syndrome occurred in this instance.

At one point, when Dragovic was asked for specific information, he admitted under penalty of perjury that he has a lot of cases and is quote, "...having issues with remembering too many things."