David Dodson speaks on the future

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CHEYENNE, Wyo - Dave Dodson a political newcomer was not well known in Wyoming, but that quickly changed.

"Dave has been approachable, he’s been available. He seems to be a real Wyomingite."

"He’s the right guy for us and he’s about protecting Wyoming’s lands."

"He supports unions and I’m a union worker."

Though this newcomer had been putting the pressure on the fourth ranked US Republican Senator, John Barrasso, to defend his seat. Dodson had opposition

Ultimately the opposition won out. with the incumbent, Barrasso, coming in first.

"Voters had a chance to look at my record. The voters decided that they wanted to continue with what we’re doing."

While Barrasso supporters were celebrating.

"It’s very gratifying. We’re so grateful for the people of Wyoming."

Some of Dodson's supporters were in tears. But, they didn't see this as only a loss.

I think the story that everyone should take away from this tonight is a candidate who are not career politicians and do something good for their country.

For 30 years, Senator Barrasso has been both like and respected in Wyoming. With this election, many people came to like Dave Dodson's ideas as well.

We would have liked to speak to Barrasso about his win, but he was not in Cheyenne.