Cynthia Lummis running for US Senate seat

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) In May, Sen. Mike Enzi announced that he will retire from the Senate. On July 11, Cynthia Lummis announced she will be running for his seat in 2020. While in office, Sen. Enzi has passed more than 100 bills since heading to Washington which have been signed by both democratic and republican presidents.

Cynthia Lummis explained she plans to stand shoulder to shoulder with President Trump and wants to welcome people through America’s border crossings so people are coming in legally.

“I support the wall,” said Cynthia Lummis. “As a rancher, I know fences make good neighbors. When you have good fences your cattle stay on your land and theirs on theirs.”

Lummis has lived her entire life in the Equality State and was educated in Wyoming before representing Wyoming in the US Congress for four years. She says she looks forward to returning to politics and this time to the US Senate to work with Sen. John Barrasso and President Trump.

“A lot of us are alarmed about the rise of socialism, about the erosion of our religious liberties or personal liberties, rights to free speech,” said Lummis. “It’s a rapidly changing phenomenon in America.”

Lummis said she feels passionately about protecting the First and Second Amendments and religious liberty.

Sen. John Barrasso stopped by the Wyoming News Now studio and talked about his friendship with Sen. Enzi and even called him a leader and head cowboy of the Senate. Barrasso shared what he thinks Wyomingites need in their next US Senator.

“The wisdom that he brought, the strength that to me is about self control, discipline, thinking things through, and the courage to then see it through,” said Sen. Barrasso. “The wisdom to know what to do, the strength to follow the path and the courage to see it done.”