Coronavirus has local contractor worried about the future

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (WyomingNewsNow) - As we weather the coronavirus pandemic some of us are staying home trying to stay healthy. Others are labeled essential and continue to work. But during this time there are some who feel they don't have a choice but to go out - risking illness - and keep working.

Chris Clark is a private contractor and owner of Get-R-Done Construction. He’s a solo act and goes from job to job to pay the bills for his family. With his wife unable to work, Chris is the sole breadwinner in the family, and says if he traded work for the safety of quarantine he would be in trouble. We caught up with Chris on a job on the east side of Cheyenne.

“"If I stop working, I'll lose everything." Chris told Wyoming News Now, “I have to work, nobody’s going to pay me unemployment.”

Chris has a good reputation Cheyenne – he’s typically booked with jobs months in advance. But now the coronavirus pandemic has him worried as people haven’t been calling him about jobs.

"My thing is what happens when people stop letting me in their house?” he said, “I take immune boosters every morning, I take immune boosters at night, I'm washing my hands so much they're chapped. Trying to stay away from people. But right now, I'm only three weeks out, and after that, I don't know."

Chris is defying warnings to stay home for the sake of his family. He told Wyoming News Now he has a box of dust masks he uses for work, but he is saving them incase his family gets sick, and is choosing to breath in the dust at work.

Right now he is hoping for another job to come in, and hoping more people will call. He says he does both inside and outside work, from siding to ceilings to floors. He also hopes the virus blows over soon and he can get back to work like normal.

We asked Chris if and when things do go back to normal, what he might do differently.

“I’m definitely getting another freezer,” he said with a laugh, “But I’m definitely going to be saving more money. You know, this thing caught everyone unprepared, and I don’t think anyone wants to be caught like that again.”