Congressman Liz Cheney sits down for exclusive interview with Britney Carter (part 1)

Cheyenne, Wyo. - The 115th Congress is now in session in Washington DC, and one of the newest member is the newly-elected representative to Wyoming, Liz Cheney.

Two weeks into her term, she sat down with Newschannel 5's Britney Carter for an exclusive interview on her first weeks in office.

Here's what she had to say.

"With your first couple weeks of congress under your belt, how do you feel right now?

It’s been a tremendous honor. It’s really something you feel at every moment. When you first get your voting card and I really feel that is voting card that belongs people of Wyoming and feel really honored to be there in Washington representing us at this historic moment. I think that we have the ability to make real change and to begin to see relief from some of the really overbearing policies we have seen in the last 8 years. So it’s been very special, very moving in a number of ways and I’m just very excited to get to work there for the folks back here in Wyoming.

And you are going to be a very busy gal you are on 3 committees, you will serve alongside people from Colorado and Nebraska, tell us what it’s like to have these issues and what it means to our regional area.

There are several different committees I’m gonna be on. I’m going to be on the rules committee which is important because every piece of major legislation no matter what the topic is, goes to the floor goes through the rules committee. So it’s a place where you can have an impact really across the board. And as a freshman I feel honored to be asked to serve on. I’m gonna be on the natural resources committee which obviously will play a major role in things like the reform of the endangered species act, hopefully beginning to roll back some of the regulations that we have seen out of the BLM, the department of interior, and really start to gain control that has been lost in the last 8 years.

I will also be on the armed services committee and that’s gonna be huge for us, particularly in Cheyenne. I was able to spend the morning at Warren Air Force base and really have the chance to dig in and understand the issues that are crucial for our base and the national guard here. And do everything I can to make sure that our military men and women getting the resources that they need."