Colorado surgeon brings sleep apnea surgery to Wyoming for the first time

Published: Oct. 15, 2019 at 10:45 PM CDT
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An ear, nose and throat surgeon is bringing a sleep apnea surgery to Wyoming for the first time. Dr. Matthew Robertson is a surgeon from Alpine Ear Nose and Throat in Fort Collins. Dr. Robertson has now come to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center to bring Inspire sleep apnea device to Wyoming.

Inspire is a secondary treatment, meant to help people with severe sleep apnea, but can't tolerate or use the CPAP device - the standard treatment. The device is a nerve stimulator, stimulating a nerve going to the tongue. During sleep, the nerve is stimulated and the tongue is moved out of the way of the airway.

Dr. Robertson says the treatment is costly, but is getting easier to approve with insurance. He says the treatment is typically an outpatient procedure.

"Sleep apnea is a long term disease," Dr. Roberston says, "You die several years sooner with sleep apnea. And to prolong life, with a quick outpatient, usually takes one and half, two hours, and typically you go home, it's a wonderful thing."

Dr. Robertson says he wants patients to keep coming in, and to determine id Inspire could help them.



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