City buses no longer accepting tokens or punch cards

Published: Feb. 5, 2019 at 8:46 AM CST
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In our monthly series with Cheyenne Public Works, City Director Vicki Nemecek stopped by the morning show to talk more about the farebox implementation for the Cheyenne Transit Program.

The Cheyenne Transit Program moves to a farebox system on Monday, February 4, 2019. A farebox is an electronic piece of equipment that accepts cash and magnetic strip tickets/passes, versus the driver handling cash, tokens, punch cards and notating senior ID numbers. It does not disburse change in the form of cash but in the form of a change card. If you do not wish to receive your change in the form of a change card, exact change is required. The transit system is moving to the farebox system so transit drivers do not have to handle cash.

Beginning February 4 when the fareboxes go live, tokens and punch cards will no longer be accepted on route buses. Riders can bring their tokens and punch cards to the Cheyenne Transit office (322 W. Lincolnway) to be traded for one ride pass which will be accepted by the farebox. The token and punch card trade-in period will run from January 7 through July 2, 2019. Tokens and punch cards have no cash value and will only be traded for one ride pass. Tokens will no longer be accepted on paratransit buses so riders will need to bring their tokens to the office to be traded for punch cards. After July 2, 2019, tokens will have no value and will not be accepted or traded.

Riders who are over the age of 60 and currently ride using a CTP issued senior ID will need to come to the CTP office prior to February 4 to be issued a senior pass that will be accepted by the farebox.

Those who ride through the waiver program will need to come to the CTP office to be issued a waiver pass that will be accepted by the farebox.

The new fareboxes will provide more accurate numbers when counting riders, how often the bike racks are used, how many times the wheelchair lift is deployed, as well as data for planning system improvements.

“The new fareboxes will be an easy transition for riders and our transit drivers,” said Renae Jording, Cheyenne Transit Program Director. “Our riders will see efficiency improvements right away.”

In the coming weeks, Cheyenne Transit officials will provide educational material on how to use the fareboxes.

For more information on the trade-in program, contact the Cheyenne Transit Program at 307-637-6253.