City Council President reacts to emergency pothole situation

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) The pothole problem in Cheyenne is not new to residents. City Council President Rocky Case says because tax dollars are being spent, the public and governing body should be able to comment on what Mayor Marian Orr deemed an emergency pothole situation. With that she requested $250,000 for potholes to be filled by a third party.

“Our city, local city government is a checks and balances on the executive and legislative branch so that one individual does not have that ability,” said Rocky Case, Ward III. “Issues need to have public scrutiny and scrutiny of both branches of government.”

President Case explained he thinks a solid pavement management plan should be put in place and there should be an ask in the budget each year to deal with the situation.

“What we have is a strong-mayor/city council form of government,” said Case. “It’s not just a strong-mayor form of government where one individual gets to unilaterally make decisions. We have 10 individuals with a vote on the vast majority of issues that come before the city of Cheyenne.”

Case says the best path would have been to call a special meeting of the governing body and have the discussion together on how to move forward.