City Council deliberates over fire safety measures

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Cheyenne, Wyo. (KGWN) - An item discussed among the Cheyenne City Council tonight was a series of amendments to the city's building and development codes. They were proposed by staff.

One of the most controversial amendments is a requirement that anything more than a duplex would need to have a sprinkler system installed in it for fire suppression.

Dicky Shanor, of City Council, says, "The Public Services Committee ultimately voted down this proposal. There was a lot of discussion about the increase to costs to housing."

There were also questions behind the rationale of raising fees so much, so fast.

Shanor explains, "On one hand, the fire department believes, it’s a way to prevent or mitigate the damage, should there be a fire in a multi-family residential unit."

On the other hand, some residents believe there is a way to mitigate a fire in a multi-family dwelling that is already in code and can be much less expensive for developers to comply with.

According to staff, firewalls prevent fires from spreading and Fire Chief Greg Hoggatt explains, "Fire sprinklers save lives."

Some residents are concerned that a price tag can't be put on a human life.

This ordinance is on second reading and the discussion will continue.