Cheyenne's own inks deal with Denver Broncos

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) After a year of proving himself, East High school and University of Northern Colorado graduate, Jacob Bobenmoyer, officially signed his contract with the Denver Broncos last week at the UC Health Training Facility.

“I was excited to have a spot on the team, well not a secure spot but I was able to stay level headed about it, I haven't celebrated or taken any time off Thursday I was hanging out and Friday I was working out again,” Denver Broncos Long Snapper Jacob Bobenmeyer said.

Jacob now lives down in Denver and is working at a warehouse during the off season.

With the uncertainty as to when the Broncos facility doors will open, Bobenmeyer has to workout at his home to stay in shape.

“You might have a place you want to go to with the equipment that you need or field to run on to get your normal workouts in, but it's kind of playing it how it goes and doing what you can with the most time you have,” Denver Broncos Long Snapper Jacob Bobenmeyer said.

The chances of a small town kid making it to professional sports are super slim in Jacob’s opinion.

He feels his story can be inspirational to all the young Wyoming athletes.

It's hard to repress the emotions of excitement but I definitely wake up and attack the day a little bit more now that I'm on a team.

For a guy who is on the 93 man roster Jacob welcomes the challenge of making the 55 man roster this fall and looks to make his family and state of Wyoming proud.