Cheyenne's Silver Gloves

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) In Laramie County, The Southside Slugger's Boxing Club has a stable of future boxing champions.

There's no cost to high to the guts and glory for this father and son tandem. 11 year old Gino Brown's father Travis of Cheyenne believes his son's passion will take him all the way.

"I've talked to him about the risks involved, and he just loves it he has a passion for it, and now here he is, he keeps winning, now he's representing Wyoming and the Region and he's going to Nationals and were just so proud of him," Father and Trainer, Travis Brown said.

Two competitors of the SouthSide Slugger's Boxing Club are headed to nationals, to represent the cowboy state as the best in the region for boxing. Haevan Gonzales,11, Cheyenne and Gino Brown,11, Cheyenne.

"You know it feels great because if I win, it'll put Cheyenne on the map," Silver Gloves Boxer, Gino Brown said.

As a way to celebrate the young fighters, the Boxing Club hosted a Boxing and Brunch event for the public.

Families and spectators mingled while enjoying food, music and sparring sessions for the hometown.

Haven Gonzalez, claims to "have a bad taste in his mouth," from the year prior's outcome.

"I missed last years Silver Gloves, my coach said we weren't ready, and this year we came ready, and I think we're going to get the belts for Nationals," Silver Gloves Boxer Haven Gonzalez said.

All the proceeds from Boxing and Brunch will go to Gino Brown and Haven Gonzalez's traveling expenses.

The Silver Gloves Nationals are set for, January 29th in Independence, Missouri.