Cheyenne native hosted water filter build to fight World Water Crisis

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) Cheyenne native Clay Hess is not only a wildland firefighter, but also an advocate for those without clean, safe drinking water. Hess first learned about Wine to Water and the World Water Crisis through a class at LCCC and has traveled to the Dominican Republic and most recently Nepal. He felt inspired to bring his knowledge back to his hometown.

“To hear about the Water Crisis it’s hard to hear, it’s hard to hear that over 2 billion people don’t have access to clean water so I’m passionate about that and I just think this is a very good thing for Cheyenne,” said Clay Hess.

Hess hopes to make the water filter build an annual event in Cheyenne. One water filter can help 10 people for the next 10 years. On March 22, 250 water filters were put together, helping 2,500 people.

“Wine to Water has always had this wine component which represents our culture and gathering together and bringing people together in community and then of course water is our mission so we do clean water projects all over the world,” said Jared Seitzer, Director of Wine, Wine to Water.

Every bottle of wine purchased through Wine to Water has a percentage going to the organization. With each filtration system made in Cheyenne, a personal note was put into the bag and this round of filters will most likely be sent to South America Seitzer said.

“We really just send them where the need is most great, a lot of times for hurricane and disaster relief, they’re really fantastic for filtration,” said Seitzer.

Hess explained that he’s seen people carrying 18 liters of water on their heads four times a day to get clean water to their home.

“I’ve seen what we do as building the community and actually having them do the project and it really grows them as far as developing their own country,” said Hess.

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