Cheyenne dog show

Panama City Beach has been ranked as a dog-friendly tourist destination. (MGN)
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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) Sunday morning was the finale of the Cheyenne Kennel Club dog show. Local residents and visitors to the capital city prepped and pampered their pooches for placements and awards.

Since 1948, the famous Cheyenne dog show has hosted the most extravagant looking dogs with all types of different hair styles. The Cheyenne Kennel Club takes great pride in allowing only purebred dogs to qualify for showing.

"What residents of Cheyenne love most is local businesses such as hotels and restaurants benefit greatly from all the weekend visitors," said Bonnie Spiece, Cheyenne Kennel Club President.

People traveled from several different states, and enjoyed catching up with other dog lovers. As the city of Cheyenne sees expansion, the historic western dog show will be moving to the Archer Complex. The Archer Complex will be the host to more events in Cheyenne for years to come.