Cheyenne Youth Alternatives shares tips for making the most of Parent-Teacher conferences

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (WYOMING NEWS NOW) -- How to get the most out of Parent-Teacher Conferences

With the first (1st) quarter of school coming to an end next week many parents are preparing for their first Parent Teacher conferences of the school year. Here are some tips to getting the most out of your child’s parent teacher conference:

1. Prepare Ahead

a. Talk to your child before the Parent Teacher Conference about how they feel school is going and if there is anything, they want you to bring up. Try to find out positive and negative but also let them know that the information that they share with you will help their teacher and you. This will make them feel more involved in their own education.

b. Make a list of questions in advance. It easy to get caught up in the details once the conference begins so having a list of questions makes it easier to stay on topic. Put your most important questions in the beginning of the list just in case time runs out.

2. Enter with Positive Attitude

a. The goal of both the teacher and parent should be the success of the student so rather than put the teacher on the defensive. Look at starting the conference with a compliment or list of what your child loves about the teacher, the class, or the school itself.

b. We must remember that teachers are there to help our children succeed in school and going into a conference with a poor attitude is a recipe for disaster.

Be Open Minded and expect to hear about areas that your child may struggle with.

3. Be on Time

a. Most parent teacher conference are only so many minutes and you don’t want to be late. It will shorten your time with your child’s teacher which means less time for questions, but it could also affect the teacher’s schedule with other parents.

4. Find out the best way to communicate

a. Don’t allow this to be the only time you talk to your child’s teacher.

b. Find out what the best communication protocols are for teacher but also let the teacher know what the best way is for you. (Ex: Email, Phone Call, or School App)

c. Finding out the best way to communicate keeps open communication between parent and teacher but also allows teacher to communicate more quickly about any issues or concerns.

5. Thank Them

a. It’s nice a gesture at the end of the conference to thank teacher for being instrumental in nurturing your child academically and personally.