Cheyenne Regional Medical Center annual stroke symposium

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CHEYENNE, Wyo - May is National Stroke Awareness Month and Cheyenne Regional Medical Center is raising awareness.


Dr. Stephen Pecevich stopped by the morning show to talk about stroke awareness. More than 80% of all strokes are preventable. It’s a time-sensitive disease; he says “doctors often say “time is brain,” meaning we are working against the clock to decrease permanent disability and even death in some cases.”

A stroke is a brain attack in which blood flow is restricted by a clot or a burst vessel starving the brain tissue of oxygen.

Stroke can affect anyone at any time regardless of age. Doctors have treated patients ranging in age from 22-90+ at CRMC for stroke.

Signs and symptoms of strokes typically present suddenly. Paralysis of one half of the face, paralysis or weakness in one arm or leg, trouble speaking, difficulty walking or trouble seeing out of one eye.

Some common risk factors of strokes are uncontrolled high blood pressure, Atrial fibrillation (A-fib), obesity, illicit drug use, smoking, high cholesterol.

Approximately every 4 seconds someone will suffer from a stroke. It remains the 5th leading cause of death & the number one cause of permanent disability in the U.S.

If you are wanting to learn more about strokes the annual community stroke symposium will be held on Saturday, May 25, at the public library in the Cottonwood Room on the first floor from 11:00 am-2:00 pm. It’s free and open to the public.