Cheyenne Regional Airport's runway reconstruction

CHEYENNE, Wyo Cheyenne regional airport is bringing back the magic of flying. With the rapid growth of air service in Cheyenne; The Cheyenne Regional Airport board held their regular meeting earlier this afternoon, to discuss further plans to improve their aviation service.

One item that stood out was the Airport runway reconstruction project.
This project is a long overdue refurbishment of the Airport’s runway; now the board is taking action in repairing it.

Nathan Banton the airports General Manager stated, "The runway is over 50-years-old, generally, these are designed to have a useful life of approximately 20 years. So we are definitely overdue. This is going to be the largest capital improvement investment into Cheyenne aviation in the history of Cheyenne Aviation".

Funding from the project will come from a variety of agencies such as the airport itself, WYDOT aeronautical, FAA and the National Guard bureau.

With an older piece of infrastructure like this runway an update is entirely necessary due to the growth of the airport and in order to continue growing.

This project is nothing short of important to taking that step forward

The project is still in its early process however, the project will be split into phases.

For 2020 you won't have to anticipate any commercial flight and travel hindrance.

However in 2021 expect a pause in commercial traveling as they work on upgrading the infrastructure.