Cheyenne Police Department working to address property crime

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (RELEASE) - The Cheyenne Police is working to address the rise in property crimes seen in Cheyenne over the last several years. The property crime rate for Cheyenne was 45% above the national average in 2017. Theft accounts for the majority of these crimes, but burglaries, burglaries from vehicles and stolen vehicles all make up a significant portion as well. Beginning in January of 2019, the CPD has taken a data driven approach to analyze property crimes and target these offenses. In the first two months of 2019, the CPD responded to 76 burglaries, (35 of which were from vehicles) and investigated 34 stolen vehicles.

Patrol officers are conducting more follow-up on burglary cases and each case is being assessed by detectives and department staff to find common links between cases. The CPD has also been working with the Laramie County District Attorney’s Office to be sure all information is available to the courts as cases are recommended for prosecution.

Another branch of these efforts is a public awareness campaign of “Lock-it-or-Lose-it.” The vast majority of vehicle burglaries occur when someone gains access to an unlocked vehicle and steals items from it. If a person hides their valuables, locks their doors, or removes valuables from their vehicles they’ll dramatically decrease the chances of being a victim. Patrol officers will be walking the streets looking for unlocked vehicles. When they encounter an unlocked vehicle, they’ll leave a note on the car reminding the owner to lock their car.

In order to highlight the department’s efforts and bring public awareness to the issue of property crimes, each month the CPD will also be releasing the names of adults for whom charging documents have been forwarded to the D.A.’s office on burglaries, vehicle burglaries, stolen vehicles as well as those who have been issued shoplifting tickets.

The Cheyenne Police Department says it has probable cause to believe that the following adult suspects have committed property crimes in the city of Cheyenne. All suspects are presumed innocent until their case has been adjudicated in a court of law.

From January- February 2019, the CPD investigated 41 burglary cases, 35 theft from motor vehicle cases, and 78 shoplifting cases.

Burglary, charges recommended to D.A:
Joel Huston 8/10/1985

Burglary from motor vehicle, charges recommended to D.A.:
Mark Lohman Jr. 1/21/1985
Dylan Kramer-7/7/1992

Stolen Vehicles, charges recommended to D.A.:
Mark Lohman Jr. 1/21/1985 (January offense)
Vernon Tennant 4/18/1986
Gaven Stundon 1997 9/14/1997
Shane Williams 5/18/1981
Allen Shiers 7/1/82
Jack Garner Jr. 4/5/1963
Mark Lohman Jr. 1985 1/21/1985 (February offense)

Possession of Stolen Property:
Justin Girone 11/15/88 (case is in Colorado)

Larceny-Shoplifters, charges recommended to D. A. -Felony
Timothy Peebles 7/26/1977
Kennedy Smith 6/29/1996

Larceny-Shoplifters, issued a ticket -misdemeanor (and age):
Allen Shiers 36
Joseph Romero 31
James Fox 56
Jenny Persson 35
Latoya Lewis 37
Tanya Hernandez 43
Diana Steerman 46
Jacqueline Sandoval 32
Amanda Torres 43
Brandon Maestas 24
Adrien Bonitatibus 24
Geneviene Carabajal 29
Misty Northrop 46
Kayla Mayo 26
Jessie Kretz 27
Christopher Willmer 46
Leroy Valdez 29
Briana Rawle 30
Candice Cordova 39
Johnny Cisneros 70
Jacob Hannig 19
Angela Walter 73
Johnathan Aubin 37
Anthony Gello 32
Yoel Betancourt 41
Lacie Foley 36
Kennedy Smith 22
Arin Schlensker 34
Dustin Tallman 26
Shaundrea Carlson 31
Timothy Peebles 41
Harold Hanson 51
Brenda Draper 38
Suzanne Martinez 63