Cheyenne Police Department Recruitment

Cheyenne Police Department
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From 2013 to 2016 the bureau of justice statistics saw a drop in the number of full-time sworn in officers. In 2016 the CPD had 14 openings in the department is now at full capacity. For the full report, you can go to

Sgt. David Janes, the Recruiting and Training Sergeant for the CPD said, “I feel in Cheyenne we are extremely fortunate. People like to come here. They like to be police officers here. Especially with our department and our administration and our transparency with the community a lot of people see that and we become a place where people want to come and work.”

One current applicant is originally from belgium. Joke Dekeersschieter said, “When I came here the first time, I immediately felt good about the city about the people and that’s what I need.”

If you are thinking about applying, the next deadline is January 18, 2019. For more information,