Cheyenne Makers + Creatives sets up "Vertical Art Garden"

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) -- Cheyenne Makers + Creatives, a local organization focused on hands-on crafting and artistry, usually held events at least once per month to teach people creative skills or share their art.

However, since the recent COVID-19 pandemic forced mass closures in the state and kept people in their homes, the group brainstormed a way to continue their activities without putting others in danger of contracting the virus.

The result was a community art project where people could decorate their old, empty paint cans.

"We were trying to find ideas for things that people may have in their house that they could use to assemble a larger piece of artwork," says Michael Launer, a member of the group. "And in this case, we ended up with empty paint cans. So, we've asked people to decorate, design, customize empty paint cans, drop them off here, and then we're assembling them into what we're calling a vertical art garden."

The "vertical art garden" is comprised of bars of rebar that will hold donated paint cans.

Members drill holes through the cans and stick them over the top of the rebar to form columns of decorated tins.

The project is being constructed in the empty lot adjacent to the West Edge Collective building off West Lincolnway.

Today, two towers were erected with cans of varying shapes and sizes, though Launer says they want to continue to grow their "garden" with more structures and pathways.

"So, over time, we want this to be a kind of outdoor art space that people can come in here and kind of wander, whether they're comfortable doing it alone or in groups of people," he says. "Maybe in the future, we can have walking paths and stuff over here, but the idea is it's a creative space where you can come and see some stuff that other people did."

For those interested in participating, you can contact Cheyenne Makers + Creatives via their Facebook page or on their website.