Cheyenne grocery store seeing more customers due to snow

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Casper News Now) Management for the Albertson's in Cheyenne off of Pershing and Ridge Road says it's due to the winter weather.

While most items were still out on the shelves, things like bread and meat had been picked through.

For a few customers, they had plans for the evening after grabbing a few last minute supplies.

"I got a salad and a can of tuna and I'll have a nice lunch and watch tv and relax." Said a customer.

"Going to make tacos, guacamole and just veg out see what happens."

"Cookies. smoked oysters, they're my favorite. we got coke for my grandma. I think I'll probably just chill and do my homework." Said another customer.

With all of the bad from the snow comes a shining light through the clouds in the form of an unexpected boost for a local company.