Cheyenne Fire Rescue is one of multiple not to receive funding from the State Loan Investment Board

Published: Jan. 17, 2020 at 12:52 PM CST
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Cheyenne Fire Rescue is one of many agencies that didn’t receive funding from the State Loan Investment Board (SLIB). They’re looking to expand the fire department by replacing some of its stations.

“It was disappointing to learn from the SLIB board that we weren’t even considered for partial funding or any funding,” Fire Chief, Greg Hoggatt said.

The Fire Department asked for funding from the SLIB to replace fire station #5. According to some of the fire fighters, there’s been issues with water leakage in the roof/walls, minimal space, etc.

“It is well out-lived its useful service, it needs to be upgraded and replaced,” Cheyenne Fire Rescue Public Information Officer, Scott Smith said.

Fire Station #5 was built back in 1963 and stands as Cheyenne Fire Rescue's oldest station. The project to replace the station would cost roughly $5.5 million. However, the agency asked the SLIB for a $2.5 million grant.

“If you don’t ask then you don’t know,” Hoggatt said. “It would’ve really been dis-heartening if we didn’t put in fort and we could’ve gotten it.”

Hoggatt mentioned their alternative to get funding is mostly led by Mayor Orr and the city for how to increase revenues in Cheyenne.

“Whatever the things we can do will all be evaluated and presented to leadership council from the mayor to make the decision of where the city wants to move forward.”

After Cheyenne Fire Rescue plans to finish replacing fire station #5, they look expand the fire department further by possibly replacing fire station #3.

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