Cheyenne Depot will have free Wi-Fi

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- Cheyenne leaders have been working on growing broadband technology in the community.

Microsoft is helping to make this possible. Senior program manager, Paul Englis, said, “We are a part of the community. We want to be a good neighbor. We want to invest to help cheyenne grow and become a better community. We really hope that a project like the broadband project really helps us further plant seeds in terms of being part of the community.”

From the farmer’s market, to the finish line of the Cheyenne Marathon, to New Year’s activities, the Depot and Depot Plaza are a hub for the neighborhood. Now, the Depot is going to offer free Wi-Fi.

After her speech at the Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce Lunch, Mayor Orr said, “How can we get out of the way of ourselves so that really good things can happen? Microsoft is a shining example of that partnership that we have with the community. It’s a great success story.”

A press release can be found below --
CHEYENNE, Wy., January 11th, 2019 – The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce is proud to partner with the City of Cheyenne, Cheyenne Depot Museum & Microsoft to bring a broadband solution to the community.

The announcement will be made by Kate Behnken, the head Microsoft Global Engagement. Microsoft is providing a $150k strategic grant to the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce Foundation; Cheyenne Chamber Foundation. This funding will go toward the installation of free public broadband at the Cheyenne Depot. The announcement will kick-start the the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce "Going the Distance" luncheon presented by Jonah Bank, Friday, January 11th from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Little America Hotel & Resort. The event will cover an array of information on community infrastructure from broadband, roads to air service.

In 2018, Mayor Orr formed the Broadband Task Force. This entity has been heavily engaged in this solution and during the event Mayor Orr will also be given the opportunity to speak about this public/private partnership.

The event will finish with Keynote Speaker; Bill Panos, Executive Director of the Wyoming Department of Transportation to address all of the upcoming plans for infrastructure within the greater Cheyenne area.