Cheyenne Animal Shelter offers Critter Camp summer program

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (WyomingNewsNow) - As we continue to look at summer programs parents can look at planning for their kids in Cheyenne, we’re looking at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. The shelter offers five separate weeks of activities, each week a different theme.

Marketing Director, Haylee Chenchar, says the Critter Camp normally starts in June, but that they are remaining flexible this year due to coronavirus.

The camp itself focuses on animals, giving kids age 6 to 10 chances to meet various kinds, from dogs and cats to livestock to rats.

“You know, proper care of animals and what they learn out of, you know, how to pet a dog.” Chenchar says, “It's just a great way for them to learn what a shelter does, and all the different animals that aren't just dogs and cats in a house, and animals throughout the world.”

To learn more about Critter Camp, keep an eye out on the shelter webpage.