Cheyenne Animal Shelter hosts Cat Friday

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) The Cheyenne Animal shelter put its own spin on Black Friday with an event called “Cat Friday.” All adult cats could be adopted for no charge and cats under seven months could be adopted for the price of $75 for one or $100 for two cats. The shelter also offered 20 percent off all merchandise and had a discount on 12 of the shelter dogs waiting for their forever home.

“We just are so thankful going into this holiday season with all of our community support,” said Haylee Chenchar, Marketing Director of the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. “We’re really looking forward to entering 2020, it will be our 50th year of the shelter here and so we’re going to have a lot of celebrations for our 50th year and we’re really excited for the next year.”

The shelter wants to remind everyone that although kittens and puppies are sometimes given as holiday gifts, to remember that those puppies and kittens always grow up.

“A lot of people as Christmas gifts, they want to come in and [give] puppies or kittens or something like that and the only caveat I will offer is if you can’t handle the adult animals, we please ask that you get them a stuffed toy or something else that isn’t those [adoptable animals] and bring them back in six months… Don’t put them through that heartache,” said Chenchar.

If you missed Cat Friday, the shelter says they have more special events coming up at different dates in December and to keep an eye on their social media pages for updates.