Cheers to a healthy Financial 2020

Published: Jan. 13, 2020 at 5:54 PM CST
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For many folks planning our financial futures may be a challenge, when bills are due every month.

Pete Kline ,Cheyenne, of RBC Wealth Management, says we as people forget to pay ourselves while working our monthly budgets.

"In relation to people's financial goals, one thing that we're focusing on, which can help anyone in 2020, is paying yourself first," Financial Adviser Pete Kline said.

According to fidelity investments 2020 new year financial resolutions study, majority of Americans would rather save $5,000 than lose five pounds.

Kline went on to say, "a lot of millennials and people in general in today's world, are dealing with car loans, house mortgages, make sure you're smart with how you're attacking those, pay down the highest interest debts first."

Some folks may question how the community can thrive, if many are afraid to discuss their personal financial goals.

"I'd say community wise, financial planning can be somewhat secretive, don't be afraid to ask friends that have had success or that you perceive as having success in the community in terms for asking for help on personal finance related issues."

CNBC reported 75% of Americans manage their own finances, meanwhile reducing the burden of personal debt will be a priority for most people in 2020.

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