Central Wyoming Hospice is holding a grief camp for children dealing with loss

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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) Death of a loved one is difficult for anyone to go through, but for our kiddos, it can also be confusing and hard for them to talk to a friend their own age who understands.

This summer there will be two grief camps for kids six to 16 to help them better understand what they are going through.

"Every child that is there has also lost another loved one. Someone has died in their family or friend circle so they don't have to feel isolated or different from everybody else they actually belong to a unique group that is there to now express and to experience ways to remember their loved one." Said Tod van Gunton of Central Wyoming Hospice.

This camp is for kids who have recently gone through a loss all the way to three years after the loss.

As grief has no time limit.

They work with horses to make connections to their emotions as horses are very emotional animals.

"Even horses and different animals feel this way so its just a more normalizing opportunity for them to interact and realize that it's okay to feel whatever it is that they are feeling at the time." Said Karol Santistevan of the Reach 4 a Star ranch.

Kids will work with horses along with other activities and be able to bond with kids who have gone through a similar situation.

"Children and adults when they are grieving the loss of a loved one they loose confidence and so getting up on a horse and doing something that might be new or that is fun and with other kids that are also grieving they get some confidence back."

This camp is designed to help the kids try new and a little bit scary with support, as they've got a lot of new and scary going on in life with the loss.

"To say I want you to walk with me because that also translates outside of horse camp that I need you to walk with I need you to just sit with me you know and they start learning how to ask for a little bit of help and realize that thats not a bad thing its a good thing."

This camp is completely free for participants.

The June camp has already filled up, but the camp running from July 22 through the 24th is still open for participants.

For more information, visit Central Wyoming Hospice or call at 307-577-4832 or email them at toddv@cwhp.org.