Casper woman rides moped topless to feel empowered

 Heidi Russell sits on her red moped in downtown Casper.
Heidi Russell sits on her red moped in downtown Casper. (KCWY)
Published: Oct. 31, 2019 at 8:05 PM CDT
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A federal court ruling says it is legal to be topless in public in Wyoming. Heidi Russell can be seen riding her moped around topless. She says she does it to heal.

“I started doing this for me. It was completely selfish. I have PTSD caused from sexual trauma and one of my symptoms is severe anxiety and this has helped me step out of that comfort zone. This feeling of healing and empowerment that has come into my soul has been amazing,” Russell said.

Some reactions aren’t as positive. Russell says an article about her on Oil City News’ website had to be re posted because of all of the negative comments.

“When I get home it’s the keyboard warriors that have all of the negative things to say,” Russell said.

She says she wants to change the stigma behind rape culture. Someone getting raped shouldn’t be about what they are or aren’t wearing.

“The first question people ask when a woman is raped, what was she wearing, how much did she have to drink, why was she out at a bar? The blame has to start going towards the rapist and stop going towards the victim,” Russell said.

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