Casper fly fishing shop live streams tying lessons for local kids

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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - The Ugly Bug Fly Shop and Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing has been live streaming for years. Starting a new stream for local kids, wasn't hard.

Corey Lincoln during a live stream last week.

"It was an easy transition just to hop on here mid day on a Friday and teach kids how to tie flies that they can essentially take out on the river with them on the weekends and catch fish," said The Ugly Bug Fly Shop and Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing Manager and Guide, Corey Lincoln.

Lincoln said fly fishing is a huge part of the Casper community and it's important to educate the next generation of fly fishers.

"It's really good to get a younger generation involved. To get them tying flies and get them to understand how our fisheries are so that later down the line when those kids get older, they also know how to preserve our fisheries and fish them and do it responsibly," said Lincoln.

Not only can you follow along on the live streams, you can also visit the shop and get all the equipment to participate for free.

"Parents, kids, beginners, anybody can come pick up that little kit of materials to tie along with me," said Lincoln.

Lincoln said fly fishing is kind of life to him and it's enjoyable to share something he loves so much, with others.

"When I left here last Friday and went to the grocery store, I ran into some kids who watched and were super pumped about being able to learn how to tie flies. I think it's something kind of intimidating to get into but if you can do it in a fun way or you can kind of connect with kids and show them how to tie flies, it's really easy for them to transition into it and kids are creative and that's all fly tying is," said Lincoln.

Lincoln said the shop will continue streaming until things start to settle down and any kids who want, can come down to the shop and learn more about tying.

The streams are every Friday afternoon. For more information you can visit The Ugly Bug Fly Shop and Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing's Facebook at: or give them a call at: (307) 234-6905.