Casper consignment store open and taking in items

CASPER, Wyo (Wyoming News Now) The Posh Boutique doorbell chimes as customers bring in bags of clothes to consign. This is something this business hasn’t done since they had to close two months ago.

“We are taking spring and summer stuff like shirts capris, tank tops and light cover-ups,” said Anastacia Slack, a Posh Manager.

Slack added there is a different procedure than there used to be when people brought items in to consign.

“We keep [the clothes] for two days then we hit it with a UV light and steam them,” Slack said.

She added they only had to add a couple more steps to what they normally do after customers bring in clothes.

They are also sanitizing dressing rooms after each use and steaming clothing customers put back.

Slack added their business has gone up since they opened again and she hopes they can go back to the hours they were open before they had to close.

“We are ready to be open 11 to six instead of twelve to four. That’s the only thing I see changing,” Slack said.