Casper Pride held fourth annual Pride at the Park

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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) June is Pride Month, and this year is big for the LGBTQ community as it marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

This is only the 4th year Casper has celebrated pride week with big events, and every year the attendance seems to grow.

"It's so very important that people know that pride and the first pride march and pride parades are not parades, they are marches that are demonstrating the need for equality and human rights and I think a lot of people need that education so it's really great that it's here." Said Diana Carfire, a local drag queen.

Pride in the Park was full of sponsors doing their part to support the gay community.

Casper Natrona County Health Department was there to give free HIV testing and promote safe sex by handing out free items.

"Sponsors have come out in full force and we've at least at all of our events doubled if not tripled attendance." Said Malory Pollock, the head organizer of the event.

Wyoming was not always as accepting, and for those individuals who have had to live through it they are happy to see the progress.

"Pride in Casper means the world to me actually because I was here when Mathew Shepard unfortunately passed, so it means so much to me to see this community thriving and growing and being so accepting and so supporting. It's just amazing to be here."

Making sure our youth feel safe and feel accepted is a must, especially in a state with such a high suicide rate.

Having events like this will let them know they can be themselves.

"Just knowing that there are so many people out here that are the same exact way, it's just so nice to finally see that there are. There is such a big community that can just come together and just drop everything and just remembers the fact that love is out there." Said Braxton Sambrano, a pride supporter and local of Casper.

Pride Week will continue tomorrow with the pride march going through downtown, starting at one in the afternoon.