Casper Police remind residents license plates belong to the owner

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CASPER, Wyo. (RELEASE) - City of Casper police issued a reminder that license plates belong to the owner not the vehicle and should be removed at the time of sale.

“Leaving a license plate on a vehicle you no longer own can tie you to the vehicle indefinitely and leave you responsible for issues such as expired license plates, parking tickets, or criminal activity,” explained Traffic Enforcement Sergeant Jeff Bullard. “It also creates extra unnecessary work for police officers.”

At their meeting on March 19, 2019, Casper City Council revised the abandoned vehicle ordinance, and the Casper Police Department has been working to enforce the ordinance. “Enforcing this ordinance has highlighted the need to remind citizens of their ownership of license plates and their obligations when that license plate is no longer needed,” said Bullard. “Through our investigations, we have discovered that the registered owners of the license plate claim they sold the vehicle and did not take the license plates off of the vehicle upon the sale. Please, take the time to remove your license plates.”