Casper Police Department brings in extra patrol due to community need

CASPER Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) A lot of community members have been out and about and the Casper Police Department saw the need for extra patrol.

Rebekah Ladd, the Casper PD public information officer, said last weekend they had one DUI arrest and the one before that they had four.

She added these arrests can take up a lot of time during an officer’s shift and federal funding helps get more officers on the road when they see the need in the community.

Also, officers are usually busy responding to community calls and can’t always conduct traffic stops.
They won’t pull anyone over unless they are violating traffic laws.

“Officers are looking for anything else going on. They’re trying to figure out if the driver is impaired and why they’re making this traffic violation and just seeing if there’s anything else to the story,” Ladd said.