Casper Hosted the Wyoming Agriculture Diversification Summit Today

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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) It was an exciting day for many future Wyoming hemp farmers who learned about the crop's potential after state lawmakers legalized it in Wyoming.

"hemp can be used in over 50,000 different products, right. So anything corn can make, anything cotton can make, anything petroleum or timber can make, can be made with hemp." Explained Rick Trojan, the Hemp Industries Association vice president.

"Hemp is something that can replace a lot of the uses of petrochemicals. All plastics are made from petrochemicals, so if we can replace just in this room alone these chairs could be made out of hemp. That opens up the mind to think how many other products could we use from a crop that regrows sustainably every three months." Said Sean Murphy, the founder of Hemp Business Journal.

"From an environmental standpoint, hemp sequesters nine tons of carbon per acre and if it's organic hemp, it sequesters 12 tons of carbon per acre. So it's a fantastic carbon sequestration tool, it also leaves the ground better than it found it. It cleans up toxic systems." Said Trojan.

One hemp farmer we spoke with, who's from Wyoming, says he plans to move back home from Colorado to farm hemp.

"It's just everything that I wanted. When I was in Colorado I just wished I could do it in Wyoming. Now I'm going to be able to. And it's, I don't know, it's cool." Said Khobly Bair.

He said it could also create many Wyoming jobs.

Now, you can't quite farm hemp here yet.

State Agriculture Department leaders are working with USDA officials in creating a permitting process for hemp farmers.